50 Soldiers, Including Officers, Defected to Kenya

(OLF News, April 22, 2011) Woyane soldiers, including two colonels, have defected from the Ethiopian regime to Kenya through the border. Among the defected officers, the names we have so far received are:

1. Colonel Hayla Mariyam Kumsa Wakayo,
2. Colonel Gemechu Kebede Furgasa, and
3. “Shaleka” Alemu Nemerra, (Shaleka is a commander of a battalion in Ethiopian Military rank).

The number of soldiers, who have defected under the command of these officers and have entered Kenya through the town of Moyale, are estimated to be somewhere between 50 to 60. While the defected military unit is said to be negotiating with Kenyan authorities, it is also reported that the Woyane regime is working to return this soldiers to Ethiopia illegally.

For more information on this news, stay tuned with OLF News.

OLF News


– Source: OromoLiberationFront.org


About Union of Oromo Students in Europe

The Union of Oromo Students in Europe, (UOSE) or Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Awurooppaa (TBOA) is a student organization founded in 1974. UOSE played the biggest role with its brother organization UOSNA (Union of Oromo Students in North America) in nurturing the language and culture of the Oromo people, protesting against successive Ethiopian regimes, and coordinating the overall support to the OLF from the diaspora. UOSE celebrated its 10 anniversary in 1984. The unions held their 27th annual congress in July 2000, which was attended by delegates of the Union's branches in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The congress also received solidarity and mandating messages from branches of the Union in Greece and Norway.
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